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Stanislav Suvorov
Stanislav Suvorov

New Vegas Killable Child

You can still download mods that make children killable, It's some kind of funky change that involves using small adult models and other things I dont care to remember. 17:54, July 20, 2010 (UTC)Kastrenzo

new vegas killable child

In the article, it says "The kids running around in Freeside have the same voice, regardless of gender." This isn't exactly true. When you first enter Freeside, you can find the group of children chasing a Giant Rat. If you follow the children, you can hear them making comments about it (like roughly, "We're gonna eat tonight!" ectect)If you go up to the girl, she says something roughly to the likes of "He's kinda cute, isn't he?" in an obviously female voice. Once you kill the rat, they'll say things like "Thanks lady" - THIS is where the game seems to bug out, and the little girl ends up playing the male voice when you talk to her. I could have sworn she has said "Thanks, lady!" to me in a female voice, but for some reason, she seems to end up taking the male voice.The giant rat seems to spawn again after a few days (not exactly sure how many, of it's only one, blahblahblah), and she seems to get her normal voice again. After I killed the rat again, she ended up repeating the same thing. (tested on the xbox 360 version) All of I have to say though, is that voice gets really irritating, and fast. Augh. XD

Also, might this be some trivia? The Freeside girl mentioned seems to wear a scaled down adult outfit; you can notice she has small breasts. I've seen something like this happen in The Sims 2 when I was downloading custom content;, I got an outfit that was originally created for teenagers, but when the person moved it to a child size, it didn't get modded properly. Figured it would make some interesting trivia, though, since most children seem to have their own unique clothing? Or if anything, clothing that's correctly sized down to child proportions. Coonsley 05:16, March 25, 2011 (UTC)coonsley

I'm using the restoration patch for fallout 2 which also adds children and i gotta say that the developers must have had some serious problems. I usually punch the children in the den once so they dont steal my stuff again but the messages in the text box like: [...] the child starts to cry,[...] snapping the arm like a candy cane...WTF interplay...

If you are still unconvinced that my mod should be used over other killable children mods, I will attempt to convince you of that here and now. Consider the mod Non-Essential Children (NEC). It is currently the most popular killable children mod on the Nexus with around 13,600 endorsements, 160,200 unique downloads, and 309,000 total downloads (as of 5/16/17). This mod is perhaps the current standard of killable children mods. I have a wish to beat out NEC for I believe that my mod does what NEC does and MORE. Why should you use my mod over NEC? Well, aside from my explanation of common issues with killable children mods in this mod page's "Aren't there already a bunch of killable children mods out there?" section (which you should read if you didn't), I have an irrefutable argument; NEC has a major child behavior issue. What kind of issue? Well, take a look at the image below:

If you don't get it, I'll explicitly explain it. Lucia is currently assuming a sandboxing AI. She is walking around at that moment. She will continue to do that behavior all day until she assumes a different AI package. What's missing from her behavior? The picture tells all. She's not sitting at one of the benches, something her sandboxing AI should have allowed and made her do. This is not the only case of this strange behavior. EVERY vanilla child in the game and EVERY vanilla race child added by mods such as Cutting Room Floor and Inconsequential NPCs will assume this broken sandboxing behavior. This is what happens with NEC installed. Why does NEC do this? To explain this, let's just use the above image as an example. You see, all furniture objects in the game, such as those benches you see, are associated with furniture records that you can take a look at in the Creation Kit. Each furniture record has something called an "Interaction Keyword"; this keyword tells the game that the associated furniture can ONLY be used by actors with the same keyword as the Interaction Keyword. This is why dragons can perch onto buildings and humans can use crafting stations and furniture, such as those benches above. By the way, those benches are associated with the bench furniture record that has the Interaction Keyword of "ActorTypeNPC;" only actors with the ActorTypeNPC keyword can use that bench. Are you following the logic? In the vanilla game, all the child races have the ActorTypeNPC keyword, allowing all actors of those races to use the bench object. However, with NEC installed, ActorTypeNPC was removed from all the child races in order to prevent child size-scaling from using objects such as crafting stations. This also prevented children from using furniture they're SUPPOSED to use, such as those benches. Whether this was unintentional or not on the part of the mod author is beyond me. What perplexes me even more however is the acceptance of this major behavior issue, seeing as how this mod is currently the most popular killable children mod.Now take a gander at Lucia's behavior with my mod Immersive Children installed:

My mod restores child animations such as unique child-sitting animations by not only NOT removing the essential ActorTypeNPC keyword from child races, but it also edits the idle animation records associated with children by changing the vanilla IsChild condition to a condition checking for the actor having a keyword that I have created, "IsChildRace." The keyword was added to all the child races in order to simulate the "IsChild" condition. This is the kind of thing that was not done with the previous killable children mods; ALL those mods caused those unique and dedicated child animations to cease functioning, simply because the "IsChild" condition became obsolete as an effect of unchecking the child flag from vanilla child races. Such a simple flag controls much of vanilla child behavior, and most people don't even realize it. My mod fortunately fixes that issue, something I like to call "animation restoration."Have I convinced you by now? Still no? Well, just go ahead and take a look at the next two pictures so that I can drive the point home:

NEC prevented children from using any "adult-only" furniture. They couldn't even sit in chairs anymore because they had their ActorTypeNPC keyword removed from their races and had the new "ActorTypeChild" keyword added to prevent them from using furniture, idle markers, and crafting stations that had the RaceToScale function so they didn't unrealistically grow. The ActorTypeNPC was a critical Interaction Keyword associated with the objects children couldn't used anymore because NEC removed it from their races.

Immersive Children fixes the problems that Non-Essential Children and past killable children mods introduced: disabling child animations that required the IsChild condition. Disabling the child flag (what the IsChild condition is dependent on) in the child races prevented unique Hearthfire child animations from playing such as girls playing with dolls, laying on the floor and kicking their feet in the back, pouting when being told to do something they don't want to do, kneeling, etc.

By disabling the child flag, past killable children mods allowed children to use "adult-only" furniture, idles, and crafting stations which caused them to grow because of the RaceToScale function. Non-Essential Children prevented this size-scaling by preventing them from using MOST furniture and crafting stations but also unintentionally caused them to not be able to use chairs AT ALL so if you ever played with Non-Essential Children on and watched the children during the day, say for example Lucia, she'd never sit down on the benches around the Gildergreen because the ActorTypeNPC, which furniture are dependent on as an Interaction Keyword, was removed from the child races. 350c69d7ab


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